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The Days After: Big River
J. Richardson

The Gift

The Gift - Dave  Donovan One of the best reads I have enjoyed in a long time. Outstanding! Looking forward to more of this story and more from Mr. Donovan with great anticipation.

The Seeker

The Seeker - Murphy Childs A very good read. Looking forward to the next book.

The Awakening (The Nether Chronicles, #1)

The Awakening (The Nether Chronicles, #1) - K.A. Madison Good start to the series. looking forward to the next book.

Apocalypse Aurora - Post Apocalyptic Fiction

Apocalypse Aurora - Post Apocalyptic Fiction - Drake Dow, Christine L. Temple This book was good at the beginning but I found myself skipping pages through much of the middle, however it did pick up tempo at the end.


Footfall - Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle One of the first Sci-fi books I ever read and still one of the best.


Inhuman - David  Simpson A very good continuation to the series. I'm still hooked and already ready for the next one.

Gaia Lives (Gaiaverse, #2)

Gaia Lives (Gaiaverse, #2) - Pamela Davis Very good read.

Gaia Dreams

Gaia Dreams - Pamela Davis Very good read.

Post-Human Series Books 1-4

Post-Human Series Books 1-4 - David Simpson This was one of the best series I have read in years. I was kept engaged and wondering what would happen next all the way to the last page. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. A very good read indeed!

I haven't given a 5 star review to many books/series, however in this instance it is well deserved.

The Portal's Light: The Portal Opens

The Portal's Light: The Portal Opens - Andrew B. Wehrlen Good beginning to an alien invasion. Looking forward to the next book. Good read. Recommended.

Splashdown: First Contact?

Splashdown: First Contact? - Dave  Cole A very good story. Very plausible. Good read.

The Remortal

The Remortal - Ramsey Isler A very good read. I kept turning pages all the way to the last one to see what was going to happen next. I will defiantly look for more books by this author. I hope to see another book that continues Telly and Mattie's story of immortality.

The Loch Ness Legacy

The Loch Ness Legacy - Boyd Morrison good read.

The Stone Man

The Stone Man - Luke Smitherd goodread


Offworld - Robin Parrish good read.

Day Soldiers

Day Soldiers - Brandon Hale I'm not really a fan of vampire or werewolf stories but I must say I enjoyed this book very much. I will definitely download book two to my kindle soon. Good read!